Once he's dead, you can pull up. Use the mouse/left stick to check out the different options before you choose. They are more elaborate than Crypts and have the most sophisticated puzzles in the game. (1 of 3) Begin at the Tidal Caverns Base Camp. OBJECTIVE: Find a Tool to Cut Down Your Gear. = Tomb: These are the big challenge tombs. Purchase on Amazon. Now return to the campsite and head down the slope to the south. Once on the other side, they ditched their masks, hoods and/or hats, now only in their jungle gear. (If not, return later when you've read more Quechua documents and relics.) If you need help right away, I recommend the Lara Croft Online forums (laracroftonline.net), the Square Enix Tomb Raider Forum or any of the other message boards listed at tombraiders.net/stella/community.html. Just as you did in the story, head right and dive into the water below. It may be wise to have the Caiman’s Breath skills unlocked for this one, just in case. So, really, we don’t need to tell you where it is. Jonah takes out his guy on the other side of the road. NOTE: This sort of item would normally be classed as a relic, but it is not counted as one of this level's 9 relics or marked as such on the map. Dig it up. If you check the map, you'll notice a Condor symbol near the camp. Dig up a survival cache (2/9) just inside on the left. Now that the two coils are tethered together, when this side of the bridge rises back up, so does the other side. (screenshot) When you approach it, you'll also be notified of a Challenge Tomb nearby. By all means, share it with friends, but please include this credit line so people can send me their feedback. (screenshots). Follow this link for the JUDGE'S GAZE CHALLENGE TOMB WALKTHROUGH, which includes the Jungle Cavern Base Camp, 2 murals (6/7 and 7/7), 2 documents (10/13 and 11/13), and a tomb stele that unlocks Caiman's Heart, a Scavenger Skill that makes Lara's health regenerate more quickly. Follow the left bank of the pool around to the section of the wreckage with the propeller. Don't try and do anything else this first time. Go through the opening into the outskirts of KUWAQ YAKU. Also, the more collectibles you find, the more points you'll earn toward future skills. When you reach a tangle of roots and can't go any further, press Drop then immediately press Interact again to latch onto the wall below. BACK IN THE JUNGLE: When you finish the Croft Manor flashback, you are automatically returned to the Jaguar Den Base Camp and prompted to look at your outfits. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. Treasure chests require the LOCKPICK to open, so we'll retrieve later. Run down and around to the left. For the second chest head to the Upper City Main Gate Base Camp where you met Etzli and freed Hakan from execution. Return to Cozumel via fast travel to the Tidal Caverns Base Camp. This takes you along a narrow, rocky path. CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to the JUDGE'S GAZE CHALLENGE TOMB is on the north side of this area a bit to the west of the Plane Wreckage Base Camp. Jump down, grab the handle on the stone wheel, and start to push. This part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough is devoted to the Ruffled Feathers Challenge. Head southwest toward the edge of the ravine. To do this, sit at the campfire to open the menu. The nearby mercenary has not noticed her yet. This is covered below. Stella's Tomb Raider Site: tombraiders.net. 12/23/18 - Added info on Challenge Tomb bug and additional details about obtaining the treasure chest. You automatically unlock Eye of The Eagle, the Seeker Skill that allows Lara to use herbal mixtures to enhance Perception. Stand near the chest and hold Interact to open it with the LOCK PICK. Select Inventory. Peruvian Jungle is the first big location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Traverse to the left until you can pull up into a little cave. Continue through the cavern toward the village. (screenshot) At the top is a relic (6/9), Bowl of Powder, from the Day in the Life of the Inca Story. (screenshot) To apply an upgrade, select it in the box at the lower left then hold the button indicated. (screenshots), Drop down off the ledge and turn to face it. Follow the path down to the left. Fast Travel is still unavailable, but you can spend Skill Points and upgrade your bow and outfits if you like. Swim down to the propeller and press Interact to try and take it. Lara spots a "silver-crowned mountain" in the distance, then sees a flare launched from somewhere below. NOTE: Follow this link for the separate CROFT MANOR WALKTHROUGH. ... (CHEST 2/2). Follow this link for the FIRST CRYPT WALKTHROUGH, which includes 2 documents (1/2 and 2/3), a mural (1/7), sarcophagus containing an outfit component or Vestige: Eveningstar's Boots and 750 gold coins, as well as the archivist map (1/2) for this area. (screenshot) Explore the area surrounding the little shack to gather some salvage and wood. (screenshot). Skills with colored backgrounds are available, assuming you have enough skill points to unlock them. ... Peruvian Jungle (screenshot) Loot it, drop down, and swim across the pool to claim your gear. At this point you may be able to Upgrade the Recurve Bow. Continue to the end of the path to find a survival cache (6/9) buried between two stone serpents. (screenshot) Wade through the water to the very north end of the pool to find the next survival cache (4/9). To complete the Peruvian Jungle, there are 4 Base Camps, 2 Tombs, 2 Challenges, 1 Treasure Chest, 2 Crypts, 9 Relics, 13 Documents, 7 Murals, 9 Survival Caches and 1 Monolith. HUNTING AND GATHERING RECAP: Be sure to collect any crafting items you notice lying around. All nests are in the area where you need to retrieve your bow. SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. (screenshot) Examining it boosts Lara's Quechua a bit, so if you couldn't read the monolith before, you might be able to now. Head straight forward, swim across the pool of water, and look for the rope coiled post on the other side of the river. CHALLENGES: There are two We now pick up where we left off before the flashback. You can also recognize it by the yellow painted decorations. 9/25/18 - Fixed incorrect internal link from the area near the first base camp to the Challenge Tomb section of the walkthrough. Watch the skies to spot a condor circling above. Beyond it, sitting on a stone shelf, is a another box containing a relic (2/9), a Handkerchief from the Expedition Unknown Story. document.write(''+postemail8809+'') You may also want to upgrade the bow or spend a Skill Point or two. If you don't have a preference, I recommend taking the Puma's Brace Warrior Skill, which helps Lara resist damage after healing during combat. (screenshot) Now, either return the way you came or grab onto the handhold above where the cache was buried, climb around to the right then upward, to get to where Jonah is. By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. All rights reserved. 9/21/18 - Fixed a few dumb leopard/jaguar mix-ups. There are only 8 in the entire game, and we’ve got their locations right here! Scramble up onto the branch with the blue flowers. Move toward Jonah to start a cutscene. Caiman's Speed (scavenger) is also excellent, since it helps Lara swim faster, but you can wait for this one since you'll earn more Skill Points before you really need it. ), OBJECTIVE: Sharpen the Knife at the Base Camp. (screenshot) Then swing over to the rock formation to the southeast and climb up to the wreckage as you did before. Red herbs, for healing, are especially important. As soon as the water starts flowing into the bucket, release the handle and run to the right. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cleaning Up Collectibles and Quests. (screenshot) If you have not already found the documents, relics, and murals nearby, they will now be revealed on your map. If you're patient, one should wander off, while the other starts poking around nearby. Lara will combine a regular arrow, cloth, and fat/oil from inventory to make a fire arrow. Go around the rock outcropping where the lower end of that second rope is anchored. Continue southwest through a gap in the rocks toward a lovely pool with a waterfall. (screenshots), When you reach the other side, the two work together to open the rickety wooden door and go through. Like the Challenge Tombs, these are optional for story purposes, but you will need to explore all of them for 100% completion. JUDGE'S GAZE CHALLENGE TOMB BUG: In the PC it's possible to complete the Judge's Gaze tomb and examine the stele but not receive the Caiman's Heart skill. When you come to the ledge that is most definitely not a path, just hold Right to sidestep along until you reach the other side. As the bucket fills, it lowers. Follow the streambed out of the large pool toward the northwest. * Encrypt Email script- Please keep notice intact. The game walks you through the process the first time, but the upshot is that various crafting resources are required to upgrade weapons and repair certain outfits before you can wear them. Jonah deals with a low-level mercenary by taking his pistol and beating him with it. If you encounter a serious bug, I encourage you to visit the Official Shadow of the Tomb Raider Support Forum and or put in a support request with Square Enix. CHOOSING SKILLS: At this early stage you only have one option: Skills, but if you've been following this walkthrough you should have earned several Skill Points by now, possibly 4. (screenshot) Examine it by pressing Interact. You'll unlock almost all of them by the end of the game regardless. CLEARING WITH SHACK: Keep following the path eastward. Head left along the log and run forward to come out over the river. Dive under to find a passage beneath the walkways (marked by a glowing survival cache) and swim around to the right until you catch sight of the chest. Archivist Map: Inside the Crypt. Remove ads and unlock special features, Chapter 4 - Hidden City, Trial of the Eagle, Chapter 4 - Hidden City, Belly of the Serpent, Chapter 4 - Hidden City, Head of the Serpent, Chapter 9 - City of the Serpent, Stop Dominguez, An introduction to the characters and gameplay, Region summaries at the start of every chapter, The location of Region Challenges and how to complete them, All Treasure Chest locations and how to open them. WAS THIS WALKTHROUGH HELPFUL? There's one such nest atop a stone wall on the east side of this area. (screenshot) There are various resources, including arrows, fat, and cloth, nearby, just in case. Then quickly cross to the next vine-covered wall just ahead on the left. Walk up the tree trunk, jump to grab the horizontal branch, and swing over to the fuselage. As long as he's unobserved (yellow) and you see the Melee icon above his head, press Melee for another stealth kill. Make sure the enemy standing near the APC isn't looking. Available upgrades are outlined in white. Fast Travel is still disabled, but you probably have a Skill Point or two to spend and some upgrades to make. Return down the steps and cross to the west side of the clearing to find a mural (3/7), Kon, from the Pantheon of Gods 2 Story, also Quechua. I may be able to provide a save file with the skill unlocked. CONTINUING TOWARD KUWAQ YAKU: Head down the path to the southeast. Peruvian Jungle – Documents. You won't be able to use them all right away, but they will come in handy later. Hold the button indicated to apply the upgrade. All those blue flowers you've been collecting now have a use. The Challenge Tombs are one of the several puzzles present in the game. Still, you have some useful information now. You may even have enough resources to repair and equip it, but it won't be useful until you unlock the Eye of the Eagle skill, which lets you use Perception plants. (1 of 4) Begin at the Temple of Life Base Camp. You'll notice a stone lip at the edge indicating you can climb down here. (screenshot) Just beyond the barrier, on the left, a tree has fallen across a small stream. Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. To use it, hold Aim (Right Mouse/Left Trigger), aim at the barrier with the mouse or right stick, then briefly hold Alt Fire (Middle Mouse/R1/RB) and release it to shoot. Collect more salvage and some feathers, and use the knife to cut the second rope. Climb up on the right, follow the ledge to the left, and dig up the survival cache (1/9). Otherwise, just stay alert and use Survival Instinct now and then to make sure you get everything. As far as I know, this only happens in the PC version, but better safe than sorry. As you begin the level, another photo, Doctor Dominguez, is added to the Artifacts menu, in the Lara's Notebook Story. for (i=0;i