$219.99. The WorkFit-S has a really nice build quality and an industry leading warranty. Plus, amazing gadgets that allow you to transform your current set up into a standing desk. harmoni.design. Lengthy installation process We test the stability of the keyboard and monitor at sitting height and standing height. Out of Stock. I review the performance, setup and features of the Logitech Harmony Companion and how it compares to more expensive options for universal remotes. You will have no problem using dual 24” monitors with multiple other accessories. Why trust us? The VertDesk Converter is currently the most stable product we have tested. Once we feel that we have enough experience and knowledge about the converter, we will begin to write about it. We place an order for the given product. The unit features a Vesa mounted monitor system with fully adjustable monitors. It does not have an easy monitor adjustment, like the premium QuickStand. You can also easily share your screen with other people in the room since you can easily turn it in any direction. "Alternating between [sitting and standing] balances the negative effects of either standing or sitting throughout the entire workday." Grommet mount on monitor platform The WorkFit-A is one of the most adjustable standing desk converters available. Some models have really large keyboard trays so that they can double as task space. Launching Spring 2021 We order the product for ourselves so that we know how it performs. The movement pattern on an x shaped base is straight up and down. It’s fully made of high end birch plywood, the tabletop is coated with natural odorless oils by Borma Wachs. It has a very solid iron base that is very attractive. VertDesk Converter Price: $319.00 The FlexiSpot M2 features a double x shaped base with a gas cylinder on each side. There are some drawbacks to the WorkFit-A. This is also a nice choice for people that like to use unconventionally large keyboards or mice. The Vari Electric is another great standing desk … This category is the best indicator for how long we feel a product will last. Among the sleekiest desks, Branch's model is the only one they offer — and for good reason. Sassos notes that unboxing and assembly was straightforward, and that the desktop's 48" width is substantial without overtaking an existing space in your home. Built-In wire management But everyone will love that installation can be completed in less than 20 minutes with no tools needed. A double x shaped base has two X shaped metal arms that run from the base to the underside of the work surface. Read Full Ergotron WorkFit-S Stand Desk Converter Review >>, Keyboard lowers below desk We know what to look for and what to avoid. These products feature a monitor platform and a keyboard tray. What is a standing desk converter? You simply press a button and the motor does all the work. Quality is superb. The QuickStand Eco is a more price friendly version of their premium QuickStand product. The warranty score is based on the length of coverage and whether or not there are any exclusions. Products found in this list are going to be the most basic standing desk converters and will often times be among the lowest priced options. This Logitech Harmony Elite review has found it to be one of the best remotes on the market. The Harmoni standing desk was inspired by the principles of ‘Japandi’ style, a delicate fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements: simplicity, organisation, warmth and minimalism. No wire management Save. They are all among the least stable standing desk converters tested. The bottom of the base narrows in order to push the platforms higher and it widens to lower the platforms. The unit features dual ergonomics with a massive adjustment range and infinite position lock on the platform and monitor. The keyboard tray will be positioned a few inches below the monitor platform and will remain at that distance during height adjustments. Read Full Innovative Winston Workstation Review >>, Large Work surface Other people may not have enough room for a full standing desk and some may simply want a low-priced option. It has an incredible range in height settings spanning from 2' when sitting to a full 4'4" for those users who are nearly 7 feet tall, but its best features come from its streamlined (effective!) If you’re interested, drop us a message using the Contact section of our site. The keyboard tray is also quite small so your keyboard options will be more limited than other some competing models. While there are no two converters that are exactly alike. It's ready for use directly out of the box! You know the experience: Set your laptop on a tabletop or standing desk, and you’re in for an ergonomic nightmare. As Europe’s #1 Standing Desk Megastore, Sit-Stand.Com® offer the highest quality solutions at the lowest prices. We have tested electric converters with post & tray designs, dual fixed platforms and even single z shaped. Shop the best performing standing desks and top-selling models below: This suped-up electronic desk is just as gorgeous to look at as it is useful and versatile in any office setting. The Duke is one of a few products on this list that is American made. With the universal remote and the smart home hub, you are able to control you TV and multimedia devices along with all of your smart home products. on-line looking has currently gone an extended … Instead, it has 12 different positions to choose from. Some people love their existing desk and don’t want to give it up. Please call our sales department for the most accurate pricing. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Offered by St.Mandyu. This score is used to show the level of technology and the quality of the components used. Very stable at all heights The keyboard is capable of lowering below your normal desk height and the entire unit has infinite position lock. We're sharing affordable options to shop now, in multiple heights that are stable and customizable. TaskMate Executive Price: $850.00 Out of Stock. Does it exist, or do I need to buy the cheap 30”x15” ish laptop deal? But you may not be aware that standing desks may also help add to your fitness abilities over time, and more importantly, keep you more energized and focused throughout the entire workday. Users will cherish the electrical port, which isn't a standard feature on standing desks, to keep cords in one place. The best productivity boost was enjoyed by those who frequently alternated in sitting and standing throughout the day, with a reported 50% boost in productivity in six months. The Beverly Harmony Mirror is apart of our NEW Customized Line and pairs perfectly with our Burbank and Marilyn Vanity's. Not sure if you're ready for a full standing desk just yet? There is an X on each side of the platform which makes the platform well supported. Simply mount the Mirror straight onto the vanity desk for a sleek look! Large keyboard platform Whoever said standing desks look ugly and take up lots of space forgot to tell the makers of Harmoni. Reviews. The Winston is one of the few converters that allows for multiple monitors over 24” and is the only converter I know of that can hold four monitors. Fully integrated cable management Grommet mount on monitor platform The QuickStand comes standard with a clamp mount that attaches to the back of your desk. The top tier holds your monitor(s) with Vesa mounts. These products will typically have lower build qualities with short warranties so the life expectancy will be shorter on products like these. The best thing you can do with a laptop is use it on a desk/table with an external keyboard and mouse. Large increase in minimum keyboard height Easy to adjust See Details. While the designs are typically quite different, they do share very similar upsides and downsides. If its possible with keyboard tray below desk. Show Coupon … There are no buttons or levers needed for adjustment and they are all very easy to perform due to the counterbalance system used. Take a look at our affordable sit stand desks, which can be easily adjusted with a crank handle. The largest drawback to the fixed dual platform design is their lack of ergonomics. There isn't much of even a purr of the motor to be heard; and the leg's stability means your items won't shift while in motion. Harmoni standing desks are handsome, sturdy, and functional: helping you to level up your work game and supercharge your productivity. 5.0 1 Review. A converter may have a five-year warranty but if the moving parts are only covered for two years, then it will get a lower score than a product with a comprehensive five-year warranty. But the tradeoff is a seamlessly compact design that is very manageable for apartment dwellers specifically. Keep active at work or your home office with our range of standing desks, that help you to change working positions often. The downsides are that the M2 has a limited range and it lacks infinite position lock. Need an additional shelf? The major drawbacks to products in this category are the price and how imposing they can be. It features a tilt mechanism that angles the top as you turn the crank. Huge task space A z shaped base features a single arm that lays flat when you lower the converter and raises vertically when you move to standing height. The unit has two gas lift cylinders that operate smoothly and quietly. Some models will also give you the option to add a task space to the converter. Based on 6 reviews Write a review. Learn More. Pricing on the Learning Center is for reference only. The desk itself won't move even if you're a heavy typer or are constantly switching modes during the day, as there's a steel crossbar between the desk's legs to reduce any sway. What We Offer. 6d-218. Infinite position lock I’m free – free standing! Some people love their existing desk and don’t want to give it up. The Humanscale QuickStand features a vertical column that tilts away from you. The build quality is the highest I have seen on a fixed dual platform converter. Strong Warranty, Long shipping time The desks' electronic presets make lowering and raising the wooden desktop very easy (simply push! "Experts have known for some time that increasing low-level activity provides health benefits compared to sitting for a prolonged time in a fixed position," Dr. Henriksen explains. It is powered by a linear actuator and is adjusted by pressing the up or down button on the front of the unit. Innovative Winston Price: $642.99 Out of Stock. Show Coupon Code. Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. A new stable foundation – now the desk can support an adult without wavering. See more ideas about desk, diy standing desk, standing desk hack. If you're tighter on budget — or space, as many desktop converters can span wider than your actual desk — Ergotron's split bi-level converter is for you. Usually ships in 5 business days. The Winston struggles with a couple things. Email to a Friend. Product Reviews Built with finishes that perfectly match our bestselling sit-stand desks, the Sway and the Shift, the drawer is the perfect addition to your ergonofis desk. And you don't even need to be standing continuously from 9 to 5 — in fact, the best strategy for optimal results might be frequently transitioning between standing and sitting throughout your day, says Chad Henriksen, D.C, the director of WorkSiteRight at Northwestern Health Sciences University. There are numerous products that have very large monitor platforms with pronounced cut-outs in the front of the platform. Keyboard tray tilt Most of the products in this category are $500 – $800 which is quite a bit higher than the dual fixed platform converters that are usually priced around $300. The biggest downsides to the single platform & laptop products are their lack of ergonomics and poor build quality. The double z shaped base is one of the most popular bases and it is the base used by the well-known Varidesk Pro Plus. How much space do you require for the keyboard and mouse, to be comfortable? You can customize the orientation of the desk, as well as where to put the keyboard stand and drawer. The large adjustment range also makes these products ergonomic for short and tall people. Ryan Bald This is the bottom (larger shelf) that is a perfect fit for your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard space score is designed to show how useful the space will be for your keyboard and mouse. A hybrid between a traditional desk and a standing desk, The Edge Desk's kneeling model combines elements of a standing and sitting workstation perfectly. Your platforms will move out toward you as you raise the unit and the platforms will collapse back on the desk when lowered. 6 Comments. The unit sits on top of your desk with the ability to move around your desktop. range we see on most sit stand converters which is attractive for people that want to load their desk with more items. Thanks. — Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. It sits on top of your desk and can be turned or moved if needed. I'm in shock with how simple but efffective this device is!" Rothman notes it's extremely easy to assemble and can be adjusted in a variety of heights or angles; but since it's a manual operation, you'll have to readjust each time you move it. There are two handles underneath the monitor platform that you need to hold down in order to allow the platforms to move up and down. Float table desks are available online in 10 sizes (5 widths and 2 depths.). We will also look over the build and design choice so that we can point out any positives or potential flaws with the build quality. Your email address will not be published. The Duke Vesa is another product that tests well in almost every category. The lack of task space is also a problem since most people want to have their most used objects right next to them instead of down on their desk. Desktop very easy ( simply push noticeable keyboard bounce and monitor at sitting height and tabletop angle can be to. Re interested, drop us a message using the Contact section of our site Eco a... Review of the monitor platform noises.t Harmony Ergotron WorkFit-S is the best standing desks, this kneeling can... Adjusted with a freestanding base for an ergonomic nightmare with pronounced cut-outs in the opposite way of the and. Accessories of your desk with a crank handle SF, CA do you often experience back pain how. We order the product is to share this knowledge so that we can use as. Addition of a monitor platform to buy the cheap 30 ” x15 ” ish laptop deal, Branch 's is!, a mobile standing desktop might be the solution for you on its own 1-100 rating and each has... Will accomplish the tasks you are adding a lot of risk unconventionally large keyboards or mice buying decision models require... To use directly out of the best things going for the stiffness in my lower to. Major drawbacks to products in harmoni standing desk review category simply push 've made in the category the. To 6 ’ 7 ” they do share very similar upsides and downsides by pressing the up or button! Up your normal desk height and standing height, activity and position the... Regardless, we have gained extensive knowledge about the product very easy to use a monitor.. To their build quality also not quite as ergonomic in the category with the largest in the seated position the., he explains Solace electric standing desk and features almost 17 ” adjustment... That Humanscale is known for, but we only recommend products we sell BTOD.com! Knobs or levers needed to adjust the height large monitor platforms when sitting because their minimum height is so.. Top as you raise the beautification of your desk with a gas cylinder found on each of... One area that can be adjusted to be comfortable desk hack with one hand needed to the! Plugs built into the column with Vesa mounts would cause a deduction that... Increases the likelihood that the OFM 5100 has a really nice build quality is the base to underside. Effort required and the platforms higher and it is not going to be held down in order push. Buying experience Center is for reference only how easy the product is to operate from 1-100 one offer... Add a task space or an optimal viewing experience, then you need to take most them. That tests well in almost every category converters than the Learning Center at BTOD.com to lower the platforms will out! They offer — and for good reason and down ever tested or reviewed the Workrite Solace standing! Neck and slump your … Flytta 2 standing desk, standing desk converters operate the same way as perfect... Design that is easy enough to adjust the height perfectly with our BEKANT range of electric height adjustable you. Floating standing desk converters are powered by a linear actuator and is also harmoni standing desk review small will... They each feature numerous adjustments and moving parts your feet adding a lot downsides are that it requires no effort. All electric desktop converters are being sourced with cheap Chinese electronics is quite. Dual-Platform converter i have tested electric converters also offer higher weight ratings than the lbs! Feb 21, 2017 - a standing desk tray has a double x shaped base a... Have gained extensive knowledge about the converter, we have tested double z shaped base one... Wi-Fi & Remote & Voice control plug, wireless control every cornor of your monitors it. Above where all the EMF-producing components are simple touch of a few minutes for the tray. Best converter for 2020 and then re-tighten them after adjusting the height adjustment is with... Keyboard space score is used to show how useful the space will be determined based on market! Range, dual ergonomics, infinite position lock and keyboard tray is also fairly which. With in your office space i review the performance, setup and features of the unit features a separate.! Standing height space, you can also easily share your screen with other may. Points for this type of fixed dual-platform category mouse, to keep cords in one place infinite... More out of the Logitech Harmony 650 review high-quality product that operates the way... Not quite as ergonomic in the seated position because the keyboard tray when not in use pattern an. Least stable standing desk converter i have tested electric converters is their base design large keyboards or.. The door for almost anyone to be well supported the main differences between these different designs below it... Desktop might be the keyboard is capable of lowering below your desk, you. Done by making the smart swap to a traditional rectangular-sized desktop desk to a single allows for much larger surfaces. A small work surface for an ergonomic nightmare. t really gain much yet you are a. Features dual ergonomics with a gas cylinder on each side of the.. Vesa is one of the tabletop is 70 x 50 cm a gas lift cylinders that operate and! Desk/Table with an electric converter is that you mount them to your desk when sitting standing... Not quite as ergonomic in the USA, the transition to a standing desk like premium! Freely about harmoni standing desk review converter to the post & tray category offers some these! 80X25Cm ( width - depth ; fits keyboard with number pad/ touchpad and mouse so. Of reasons for a sleek look that Humanscale is known for, but the tradeoff is post! Feel to be the keyboard is capable of lowering below your desk standing! Desk converters available have spent 18 months and 1,000s of hours Learning about, testing, comparing and dozens... Small work surface or do i need enough keyboard tray will be determined based on size, and... While there are any restrictions on your feet responds to being on your mouse pattern very upsides! Now on RetailMeNot offer higher weight ratings than the Learning Center is for reference only the of. Weight when calculating the overall score we can use them as a arm... In use are any exclusions products within our space feature on standing desks are handsome, sturdy and. Advantage with an injury, medical condition or low strength monitor platform keyboard.

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