Result: Lasya from Ariyana's team did this successfully. When Akhil, Sohel, and Mehaboob were in the last, Sohel backed out. Clash with Noel. The Jabardasth comedian got good popularity with his Bigg Boss journey. Every single vote counts ! 178 independent candidates are going to participate in the election. As a result, Akhil, Ariyana, Lasya, Mehaboob, Monal, and Rajasekhar are nominated for this week's nomination. From all contestants, Noel receives more stamps. But, the makers of chopped reason from it. No one can nominate Noel since he is the captain and As Captain, he directly nominated Lasya. As a result, the nominees for this week are Ariyana, Devi, Harika, Kumar, Lasya, Mehaboob, and Monal. Ariyana’s friend Vineeth, Monal’s sister Hemali, Sohel’s father Saleem, and Lasya's Husband Manjunath & Son Junnu visited the house. Task: A contestant had to sacrifice their clothes and belongings for 20 coins. He carried all the weights except one and eventually failed in the task. Bigg Boss eventually announced that the team of guests had won the task. Leave Feedback on this news. Ariyana, captain of the house, chose herself as the best performer during the entire week. On Day 102, The finalists wrote sweet messages on each other’s t-shirts and flaunted them to the cameras. On Day 85, For the nominations, Bigg Boss asks the contestants had to tie a test tube filled with thick colored water around their neck. Kumar Sai – Film Actor. To vote through phone call Give 10 free missed calls to 8886658218. Akhil was chosen as the second captaincy contender due to his score of 11000. Task: A housemate had to sit on the chair until Bigg Boss notice. Virtual meet with Lasya to wish her the best for her entry into Bigg Boss House. Result: Kumar Sai did this successfully. Licherooo December 27, 2020. The show is aired on ETV every week on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 PM IST. He wore the captain band. He is mainly known for his appearance in the popular TV reality comedy show “Jabardasth”. Eventually, Sohel and Akhil qualify for level 3 of the Race To Finale task. Noel alleged that Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar bullied him. సూచించబడిన వార్తలు . The following housemates were selected by bigg boss to play the roles in the film. Looks like Bigg Boss fans are badly missing the show. On Day 11, Bigg Boss gave the third stage of the luxury budget task is " BB Comedy show " and instructs that a few housemates get divided into Team Avinash and Team Kumar Sai. On Day 17, Team Robots won the task with the four best performers - Gangavva, Abijeet, Avinash, and Harika are elected as captaincy contenders. Sohel was the first person to hit the buzzer. On Day 75, Abijeet, Akhil, Harika then completed the captaincy task where their supporters had to carry them on their shoulders until the final buzzer. He had also kept a condition that if anyone sleeps in the house during the daytime two times then they have to jump in the swimming pool twice. Ariyana tried first later Monal, Sohel, Harika, and Abijeet continued the task next, Akhil rated everyone’s performance and later he announced that Sohel was the winner of that task. Finally, Avinash won the task and became captain. On Day 96, As per the fourth task, all the contestants except Akhil had to dance on the floor to the music wearing shoes of inappropriate sizes. Avinash Kalla of Jabardasth fame is a self-made comedian and mimicry artist, who shot with his performances on the comedy show Jabardasth especially the Mukku skit in 2015. Watch the video for more insight. The best ruler of the house will win the Voter Appeal Pass by that pass the contestant can request the viewers to vote for them. Bigg Boss gave Avinash, the male winner of the fashion show, a new task. On Day 37, Each housemate has to become a part of the house and talk about the thoughts about a place in the house as part of morning masti as directed by Bigg Boss. Web Title : bigg boss contestants mukku avinash and ariyana glory’s a date with ariyana interview goes viral Telugu News from Samayam Telugu, TI Result: Akhil did this successfully. They also should perform various ads. Jalaja sets Avinash, Ariyana, Sohel as devils and they keep disturbing them while housemates searching for toys. 7 months ago . Harika is the gossipmonger of the village who keeps teasing all the men. As the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu vote online process has been started, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant through Disney+ Hotstar or by giving a missed call. The rest of the contestants had to distract the contestant performing the task. Abijeet and Monal are the chefs who provide food for the villagers in exchange for money. After a lot of discussions, the inmates selected Harika as the Best captain and Ariyana as the worst captain in the house. Bigg Boss also plays haunted noises in the house and housemates dance to the tunes. [3] Season 4 was initially planned to launch on 30 August 2020 but was pushed to 6 September 2020. Mukku Avinash made a condition that if any of the housemates forgets to wear a mike then they have to take out the mike and wear it 100 times repeatedly. However, there are others like Mukku Avinash, Jordar Sujatha and Ariayana Glory, who started their own channels after they stepped out of the show. Result: Kumar Sai yet again performed this task successfully for 20 coins. As per level 1 of the task, the contestants must fill bottles in their respective milk stations from the taps of the artificial cow. On Day 80, The house turns into a haunted graveyard, and Ariyana witnesses a devil face on the mirror and freaks out. As a result, Abijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Harika, Kumar, Lasya, Monal, Noel are nominated for this week nomination. Rajasekhar nominates Swati, Mehaboob nominates Abijeet, Ariyana nominates Lasya, Harika nominates Mehaboob and Sujatha nominates Kumar. The team with fewer gold coins towards the end of the task will be declared winners. Every single vote counts ! On Day 100, The former contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu, Hariteja (season 1), Geetha Madhuri (season 2), Sreemukhi (season 3) and Ali Reza (season 3) visited the house virtually and grilled the five finalists about their game plan and also wished them all the best for the finale. On Day 65, Bigg Boss locked the house and ordered the contestants to unanimously decide and name a strong contestant who must be evicted from the show. On Day 43, In this nomination, Bigg Boss formed all housemates has a pairs and asked them to decide one of them to save and nominate. On Day 57, As per the nomination task, every housemate had to break an egg on the contestant they want to nominate for eviction. Akhil suggested Ariyana's name after the first break but unfortunately, Abijeet sat on the dance floor and thereby got eliminated from the task. Upon a buzzer, the fastest finger between Akhil and Ariyana to hit the bell got a chance to perform the task. On Day 38, Noel directly nominated by Bigg Boss during the week 6 captaincy task. The Devil’s voice replaces the Bigg Boss voice in the house and gives commands to the housemates. Team Humans had to convert at least 3 Rakshash into humans. The contender with maximum housemates in their station became the captain. Blue team contestants selected for captaincy contenders. On Day 39, In the next luxury budget task, Mehaboob and Kumar Sai had to drink a maximum number of juice bottles picked from the pool in order to win the luxury budget items. The staff should impress guests and gain 5 stars in order to save the hotel. The host Rahul Sipligunj conducts the talk show with the evicted contestants of Bigg Boss 4 on every Monday, the show premiered on 7 September 2020 onwards on Star Maa Music. The grand finale of season 4 became most watched and created a record with viewership as it garnered highest TRP rating of 19.51 TVR and in two states of Ap/Ts it received 21.7 TVR among all seasons of Bigg Boss editions.[8][9]. Avinash tried to fill his cans with more water and he subsequently got disqualified from the task. In an interview, he said, “I participated as Mukku Avinash and became team leader a Mass Avinash”. Abijeet expressed his contentment over occupying the sixth position. On Day 4, Bigg Boss starts his game plan for the contestants and orders them to stamp with red Ink as Kattappa to those who they think as Kattappa in the house. She chose the tire challenge and was to push across a tire for 10 complete rounds in 15 minutes. Jabardasth Comedian Mukku Avinash is known for every Television audience. Mukku Avinash is an Comedian, and Actor and does skits in a popular comedy show Jabardasth. Press a buzzer on hearing a special drill, and the fastest one to reach the buzzer gets to pick a challenge among eight challenges given by Bigg Boss. Designed and Developed by Theindiamedia, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Result: Divi did this successfully and collected 93 out of 100 buttons. Performed dance as a part of Dusshera special episode. According to the next luxury budget task, Sohel picked Mehaboob and Akhil for the task where each contestant had to crawl up a ramp and grab the luxury budget items hanging from the top. Tollywood: Everyone who followed Bigg Boss Telugu four must have been fans of Mukku Avinash. Mukku Avinash, Actor: Aswathama. The task has just started and it is currently on the first level. In this nomination, housemates had to mutually decide to nominate one of the two housemates from each connection. సంబంధిత వార్తలు . Jalaja will laugh if she likes the story and will not if she does not like the story. Avinash has won the eviction free pass with the maximum number of votes. [5], The launch of season 4 opened with 18.5 TVR, the highest among all Bigg Boss editions.[6]. Subscribe us on Youtube: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: Circle us: SUBSCRIBE Aditya Music Channels for unlimited entertain On Day 2, Bigg Boss informed that there is a Kattappa amongst them trying to deceive them. On Day 10, Bigg Boss gave a task to Ariyana that she should change as a face reader and express her feelings about all other housemates. Devil kept three toys in random places, ordered housemates to search and throw them on the swimming pool. Result: The housemates did not agree to this deal and the task got canceled. But a majority of the housemates reported to Bigg Boss that Harika is the murderer. Both the teams need to perform hilarious skits while the rest of the housemates will turn into the audience and judge their skits. Kumar, Akhil, Noel, Mehaboob, and Sohel qualified for the second round by pulling off the most number of push-ups. Akhil got an exemption from the task. As a result, Abijeet, Ariyana, Harika, Monal, Mehaboob, and Sohel nominated for this week. The show premiered on 6 September 2020 on Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar with Akkineni Nagarjuna hosting the season for the second time, while Samantha Akkineni appeared as a guest host for a week. There were two pedestals with a box with a lock on one of them and keys on the other. The participants in the order of appearance as they entered in the house. But, Akhil and Mehaboob failed to convince each other. On Day 3, Bigg Boss has given a task to Divi to speak about what she had noticed in the other 15 contestants. They were told that a few selected candidates will be picked to compete for captaincy based on their performance.As per the captaincy task:-. The Nominated contestants had to collect the maximum number of Bigg Boss flags in the house. In the task, gold coins in equal amounts were given to both the team. Sohel was declared as the Best Performer of the season while Abijeet was jailed as he was declared as the Worst Performer of the season. [4], Bigg Boss 4 Buzzz is an Indian Telugu-language Television talk show about the reality television series Bigg Boss Telugu. On Day 23, Sohel teaches everyone how to do a robbery as part of morning masti. Humans were given chances to reform the devils through different tasks. Accept Read More, Watch: Reason Behind Mukku Avinash Breaks Down Into Tears In Bigg Boss Week 9 Elimination, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Bigg Boss Contestants, Host Nagarjuna and Suma At High Risk For Coronavirus | Bigg Boss To Have A New Host This Weekend. He is known for portraying Jabardasth in Telugu romantic comedy film, “Naanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends” (2016) and for his appearance in the TV reality comedy show “Jabardasth”. Task: A male contestant had to single-handedly hold the sandbag until the final buzzer. On Day 99, Bigg Boss gave a task that the contestants had to wear a mask, dance to the music, and name a contestant who helped them in their inhibitions and pushed them off their comfort zone in the BB house. On Day 10, Bigg Boss gave the second stage of the luxury budget task is " BB Talent show " and announced that. Mukku Avinash is an actor, known for Aswathama (2020). Big Deal: GoAir Offers 1 million Flight Tickets Starting Rs 859, Travel Till December 31, Rashmika Is Out Of Suriya’s Movie, Find Out Why, Woman Test Coronavirus Positive For 31 Times in 5 Months Shocks Doctors, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Contestants Remuneration Details, Top 5 Powerful Lakshmi Mantras To Attract Money, Good Luck and Prosperity, Rahul Sipligunj Emotional Words On Punarnavi Engagement | Netizens Troll Rahul, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner Abijeet Receives Rs 25 Lakh Cheque From Chiranjeevi, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 New Wild Card Entry: No Re-Entry, Only Wild Card Entry, Details Inside, Reasons behind Divi elimination from Biggboss Telugu 4, Bigg Boss Contestant Punarnavi Bhuplam Gets Engaged, Details Inside. At the end, Gangavva won the task and elected as captain of the house. Abijeet reported to Bigg Boss that they have got 5 stars from Harika. But this pass is only valid for up two weeks. Others joining the cast of the cop thriller are actors Freddy Daruwala, Govind Namdev, Adhyayan Suman, Amit Sial, Priyanka Bose and Abhimanyu … On Day 86, The race to the finale task begins, and to whoever wins the medal will enter the finale week. Mukku Avinash is saved for another two weeks, next week he will be captain of the house. Result: Noel did this and nominated for next week's nomination. Jabardasth Avinash With Ajay. While the rest contestants were instructed to act in advertisements which will be telecasted between the serial. Contestants went into a power freeze and Akhil's mother Durga, Harika's mother Jyothi, Abijeet's mother Lakshmi, and Avinash's mother Mallavva entered the house as a part of captaincy task guests. The captaincy task titled "Rangupaduddi Jagratha", according to which the contenders need to guard their bowl of colors from the housemates. Bigg Boss clearly mentioned Abijeet as the worst performer in Devil's task as he had disobeyed Bigg Boss order to go on a date with Monal in the graveyard in Bigg Boss house garden which was kept as a part of the Devil Task. Bigg Boss fame Sreemukhi about her best friends. Akhil could suggest a name and the housemates had to discuss and nominate a contestant to get off the dance floor. ️ Login to Disney plus Hotstar and cast your 10 votes. On Day 78, As per the nomination task, two levels are they:-. Team Robots must get their replenishing batteries charged from Team Humans, the later have to gain access to food, water, and everything from the team of robots. Virtual meet with Rajasekhar to wish him the best for his entry into Bigg Boss House. Entered the house to offer 10 lacks amount to Top4 Contestants. According to the task, the team of hotel staff members must save the hotel from being taken over by rich people. 5 months ago. 1 lac cheque. Bigg Boss displayed the Finale medal and asked the housemates to give their best performance to make it into the finale week. Abijeet doesn’t want to do this task as he is freaked out with the Monal thing. MUMBAI—Mahesh Manjrekar, Urvashi Rautela, Rajniesh Duggal and others join the cast and the shoot of Jio Studios’ web-series, “Inspector Avinash” has commenced in Mumbai. They had to mark each other's backs with paint staying inside a ring. Rajasekhar sets the dance floor with his solo performance. This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 17:06. On Day 72, The BB house turned into a "Commando Institute" where Bigg Boss gave commando training to the contestants. She made her presence as a guest to make some fun with the housemates. Mehaboob and Sohel wore a special costume and tried to bring a smile on the faces of the contestants. On Day 38, Noel won the captaincy task and became the captain of the house for the second time. ముక్కు అవినాష్ అవినాష్ అరియానా గ్లోరి mukku avinash youtube channel mukku avinash bigg boss 4 telugu Ariyana Interview ariyana glory Ariyana And Avinash Interview A Date With Ariyana. On Day 75, Abijeet, Lasya, Monal, and Sohel had to participate in a quiz on Bigg Boss house in order to gain luxury budget items. On the successful completion of the challenge, contestants will get a star and become a captaincy contender. On Day 59, The Captaincy task titled "Palleki podam chalo chalo".In this task, the BB house turned into a colorful village with assigned roles to all the contestants. As a result, Abijeet, Akhil, Harika, and Sohel made it into level 2 of the Race to Finale Medal. He has two brothers; Ajay and Ashok. Along with doing skits in Jabardasth he also performs in shows , Patas Comedy Show, and he has acted in five to six movies. However, it wasn't a regular relaxing session but instead was put under the torture mode as others had to wash him continuously with soap water, and shampoo for 25 coins. In this week's nomination, all the 16 contestants except the captain must get into the boat that has been set up in the garden area. Cast - Sharwanand, Samantha Director - C Premkumar Producers - Raju, Shirish Co-Producer - Harshith Reddy DOP - Mahendiran Jayaraju Dialogues:Mirchi Kiran Editor - Praveen K L-----Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Mukku-Avinash-Instagram. Best Serials & Shows Of Mukku Avinash | All Telugu Serials & Shows of Mukku Avinash | Top Tv Channels Serials & Shows Of Mukku Avinash | List of All Serials & Shows The host asked them to nominate one contestant who they think is the Kattappa, then the housemates nominated Lasya as the Kattappa. In the task, the team of robots has to safeguard their silver ball from the team humans who try to kill them by smashing the ball. I participated as Mukku Avinash and became team leader a Mass Avinash.’ He has acted in various Telugu films, including ‘Nana, Nenu, Na Boyfriend’ (2016) directed by Bhasker. In this show, Avinash made Funny comments on Sreemukhi and Jhansi. Task: A contestant had to get into a bathtub full of cow dung and search for 100 buttons in it for 30 coins. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. He not only impressed the audience, but also believed to made Bigg Boss show makers to notice his performance in Jabardasth show. On Day 25, Phase 3 of the task was announced according to which the contestant had to improve their individual score by hook or crook. Abijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, and Avinash were nominated for wearing red hats while Sohel and Monal wearing green hats got saved. Avinash dropped first and Sohel dropped second. On Day 60, After finishing the first secret task Harika accomplished her second assignment of annoying Avinash in her secret task. They had a bowl of burning charcoal placed between their limbs. This video is now available to watch. She has the Pan shop owner's brother as her lover and also Bigg Boss given a secret task to murder 3 people upon Big Boss signal. Mukku Avinash. Being the villain of the house he should steal the wood needed to keep the village fire burning. Later Bigg Boss announced, the task as completed its first stage and the second stage will continue on the next day. Among the nominees, Sohel uses his captaincy power and saved Mehaboob from the nomination. At the end of the task, Akhil received more money that saves him from nomination and he nominates Harika and Sohel received less money so he nominated for the fourth week. Sohel and Ariyana explained why they to deserve the first position. The final task for the day, contestants have to sit in the graveyard and share ghost stories with each other. Later the housemates got emotional and shared their experience in the house. Entered the house as a part of "BB Commando Institute" Captaincy Task Guest. They were asked to wear a sweater and a jacket each. Result: Ariyana hit the bell first and Abijeet did this successfully. Kamal Haasan was also told to save 1 contestant from the nomination and he announced Harika safe. He also has few contenders in the house with the same goal to clinch the winner title. On Day 87, In the second level of the Ticket To Finale task, there are four mud pits arranged in the garden area. On Day 9, Bigg Boss gave a task to Harika to attract all the housemates, following which Harika succeeds to impress the housemates with her dance, singing, and acting skills. On Day 93, As per the second task, the contestants except Akhil had to endure provocation from the co-contestants and emote the emotion displayed to them. It’s a know fact that Abhijeet Duddala won the show and the other contestants are signed few films and web series. 5 months ago. They then got to share their stories with each other. Akhil turned as a Bigg Boss to comment on the performance of Bigg Boss. #mukkuavinash #BB4avinash #supportavinash #bb4avinash #jabardastavinash #biggbossmemes #bb4telugu #bb4 #starmaa #bbtelugu #biggboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu #bigboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu4 #jabardasth … After the first buzzer Harika filled 11 milk bottles, Abijeet, Akhil, Monal, Sohel filled 10 milk bottles each and Ariyana filled 8 milk bottles. ️ Login to Disney plus Hotstar and cast your…” Mukku Avinash fans and followers are eagerly waiting for him to see in the top five finalists of this season. However, no contender gained immunity as there was more than one contestant standing on the T-stand by the end of the task. Jalaja shows the contestants a horror movie and says she will randomly select a contestant who has to go to the confession room and bring a spoon. For those who joined late to the story, Avinash has been nominated for this week’s eviction. They have been standing and convincing each other. The contestant who gets down will be nominated for this week. After the Monday episode, the Tuesday episode also continued with the nomination process, and later Abijeet, Avinash, Harika, Monal, and Rajasekhar are nominated for this week's eviction. He has also acted in “Ana Gana Oka Durga’, ‘Konchem Fun Konchem Run’ and ‘Nara Naradulu’. He participated in latest Jhansi show Love you Zindagi. On Day 36, Bigg Boss gives a task to Avinash to teach housemates about how to react with patients in the hospital, the morning masti task was shown in. On Day 9, Bigg Boss gave the first stage of the luxury budget task titled " BB TV show " and asked all contestants to act well in the serial scripted by the Bigg Boss. He recently acted in ‘Nana, Nenu, Na Boyfriend’ directed by Bhasker. Mukku Avinash, Jabardasth fame and comedian, has recently entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry. He is best known for his role in films such as. Abijeet, Ariyana, and Harika supported Avinash while Monal and Sohel supported Akhil. [2] On 20 July 2020, the makers unveiled the title logo. Monal carried Harika on her shoulders. The season's finale took place on 20 December 2020 with Abijeet winning the title along with ₹25 lakh prize money and a bike, while Akhil Sarthak emerged as the first runner-up. On Day 94, As per the third task, the contestants except Akhil had to count 30 minutes of time while doing a fixed set of tasks. The Rakshash keep disturbing the activities of humans while the latter need to try reforming the Rakshash with patience. The contestant to grab the crown in the garden got the chance to be the first ruler of the house. He not only impressed the audience, but also believed to made Bigg Boss show makers to notice his performance in Jabardasth show. The entire morning masti had been shown in. It started at 6:00 pm rather than the usual 9:00 pm. On Day 1, Bigg Boss gives some interesting questions wrapped in chits. The nominated contestants had to fight out for the eviction free pass which will let them survive elimination. Gangavva sings a folk song towards the end. Each contestant had to wear a cap and freeze until Bigg Boss next direction. As a result, Abijeet, Gangavva, Harika, Kalyani, Kumar, Monal, Noel, Rajasekhar, Sohel were nominated for this week. Mehaboob won the task. Lasya as Shantha, a 'social activist' and the village head's wife. As per the Diwali task, Bigg Boss ordered the contestants to not smile or laugh while every other contestant tried to entertain others upon every buzzer. After finishing the task, Bigg Boss announced that Rajasekhar was selected as the first captaincy contender due to the privilege he won last Sunday. As a result, the movie had prepared a script and titled "Prema Modalaindi" with following cast. After completion of all four buzzer sounds, Bigg Boss announced that Abijeet, Akhil, Harika selected as a captaincy contender. On Day 39, The housemates got emotional as they watched a video collage of their childhood pictures. However, they both gave a tough fight to each other and they both continued to sit on the swing. Later Akhil won and became the first finalist of the season. The following are a part of the training: Walk-in slow motion, fast forward, do plank walk, freeze and march fast on hearing the drill. Result: Avinash did this successfully. On Day 89, Sohel and Akhil give a tough fight sitting on the swinging chair, however, Sohel eventually gave up for Akhil.

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