Bull snakes and their related species can have a moody temperament, which, when combined with their size makes them a snake for an experienced snake owner. 1 decade ago. Male ball pythons usually grow to be approximately 3-4 feet long (91-122 cm), while female ball pythons regularly grow to be 4-5 feet (122-152 cm). They vary, however, with some being more docile than others. They are known for a rowdy temperament, and require frequent handling to properly tame them. Corn snakes usually get around 5ft. However, as I said, they CAN get that long. Bull snakes put on a good act of acting “tough” which helps to dissuade predators for harming it. When threatened by anything as large as a human, a bullsnake's next defensive action is to rear up and make itself look as large as possible, while at the same time hissing at the perceived threat. That part of the metro area is home to some large bullsnakes but with habitat loss, the numbers could drop. That depends on a lot of different factors. 67.8k 26 26 gold badges 180 180 silver badges 367 367 bronze badges. [11], When bullsnakes detect live objects too big to be prey, they seem to perceive the object as a predator and take defensive action. The reason for this is that bull snakes can be a bit hyper as babies and juveniles. Adult bullsnakes average about 4 to 6 ft (1.2 to 1.8 m) in length, and specimens of up to 8 ft 4 in (2.5 m) have been recorded. I'm pretty sure that a bull snakes range can get pretty big. The eggs are deposited in the sand, and the female lays approximately 12 eggs per clutch. They are usually yellow, with brown, white, black, or sometimes reddish blotching. Aug 25, 2008 2,669 12 216 Central Kentucky. These slithery little fellows are easy to maintain, don’t get too big, and are typically friendly and docile. Do not handle your snake within 48 hours of its last meal to avoid regurgitation of undigested food. They climb very well, but spend considerable time on the ground. Beautiful snake!! If properly cared for a bull snake can attain a full 6 feet in length in the first 2 years of its life. My question was , how big do corn snakes get ? [citation needed], Bullsnakes can sometimes be mistaken for rattlesnakes and killed. two to three years. [3] Possibly being the largest subspecies of gopher snake on average, mature specimens can have an average weight in the range of 1–1.5 kg (2.2–3.3 lb), though the heavier known specimens can attain 3.6–4.5 kg (7.9–9.9 lb), with larger specimens being quite bulky for a colubrid snake. Kairi. The bullsnake is most often yellow in color, with brown, yellow, or black marks on its skin; it is this color combination which plays an important role in its impersonation of the rattlesnake. These snakes are quite long, and the average adult ranges between 4 – 6 ft. in length. Bull snakes are large when hatched. I applaud your care in assuring the snake didn’t get harmed or killed. Juvenile bullsnakes depend on small lizards, frogs, and baby mice.[10]. We have a snow corn who is 5+ years old and he's about 5ft long and eating small rats. They typically lay 12 eggs in sand or other protected areas and leave the eggs to incubate unprotected. They have been known to hibernate with other snakes, including garter snakes, milk snakes, and more. Since the pests cannot chew or dig, they must gain entrance through small holes and cracks at ground level. Bull Snake Care Sheet - How to Keep Bull Snakes As Pets. Mar 6, 2008 5,679 29 261 Floresville, Texas. The longest snake in the entire world is the reticulated python, and it can measure over 30 feet in length. Their base color is normally yellow, and they have patterns/blotches of black, brown, white, or red. The longest specimen ever recorded was 8′ 2″, but finding individuals this size is unusual. This scary behavior leads to a lot of persecution for this harmless reptile. A non-venomous species that the bullsnake is, it is highly dependent on its intimidating appearance and ability to impersonate the rattlesnake when it comes to self-defense. We have discovered that we have two bull snakes living in a hole next to our front door slab. This, along with an alert, spirited and fearless personality, gives miniature pinschers the title, "King of Toys." Ihave a bull snake living on my property (which is about 2.5 acres). [12] The eggs typically hatch in August or September. These snakes reproduce in March and April, and lay eggs between April and June, depending on the geographic location. While constriction can be dangerous to small mammals, these reptiles do not grow long enough to pose a danger to humans. They flatten their bodies, hiss, and shake their tails in an attempt to ward off potential predators. Don't be surprised if your bull snake grows to a length of six and half feet -- or even longer. Possibly being the largest subspecies of gopher snake on average, mature specimens can have an average weight in the range of 1–1.5 kg (2.2–3.3 lb), though the heavier known specimens can attain 3.6–4.5 kg (7.9–9.9 lb), with larger specimens being quite bulky for a colubrid snake. Snakes wander into homes in search of prey and nesting sites or find themselves inside purely by accident. But I don't know if I would recommend it as a beginner type of snake. First, it hisses, or forcibly exhales through a glottis or extension of the windpipe. Beolens, Bo; Watkins, Michael; Grayson, Michael (2011). Top Answer. 11 Years. Bullsnakes are large reptiles that are considered a subspecies of gopher snake. Their climbing proficiency enables them to raid bird nests (and birdhouses) to eat the nestlings or sitting mother. Read on to learn about the bullsnake. How Large Do Ball Pythons Get? I have babby bull snakes. Clutches of five to 22 eggs have been observed. Cage furniture in the form of sizable limb… Their color is grayish until after their first shed. Larimer County Colorado. When confronted they grow very agitated, and will hiss and puff up if they cannot escape easily. This carnivore will feed on a wide variety of small animals. [8], Bullsnakes are very powerful constrictors that eat small mammals, such as mice, moles, rats, pocket gophers, ground squirrels, and rabbits, as well as ground-nesting birds, birds' eggs[9] and lizards. Looking for pictures of full grown bulls i couldnt find very good pics of a full grown bull to get an idea of how big around they get. The blotching pattern is large blotches on top, three sets of spots on the sides, and bands of black on the tail. As you’ve discovered, most snakes have a home range. Captive bred snakes are usually already feeding on frozen/thawed and is another reason get your pet from a breeder and to leave the wild populations alone. Thanks for sharing! Raymond S. Lv 6. 11 Years. Humans frequently mistake this species for rattlesnakes. oh how I … Big bull! Other Names: Great Basin Bull Snake, or Desert Gopher Snake. Their first action is to remain quiet, not moving. March 16, 2020 at 8:54 am Great information! Within that larger home range will be smaller areas even more familiar to them, within which will be their hide spots and preferred basking areas. Then, when they feel they are able to move away from the object, their next line of defense is to move away as quickly as possible. The end of the glottis is covered by a piece of cartilage known as the epiglottis, which flaps back and forth when air is exhaled from the right lung, producing a convincing rattling sound. A scale count is required to distinguish juvenile bullsnakes from other juvenile gopher snakes. Bull snakes are rather heavy-bodied, small-headed, and may reach 2.5 metres (8 feet) in length. So how big do they get? The bullsnake is one of the largest/longest snakes of North America and the United States, reaching lengths up to 8 ft. Baby bullsnakes are 20–46 cm (7.9–18.1 in) at hatching. The idea that bullsnakes occasionally eat rattlesnakes is sometimes given as a reason for humans not to harm bullsnakes when encountering them in the wild. The longest specimen ever recorded was 8′ 2″, but finding individuals this size is unusual. They can be found in coniferous forest, farmland, woodlands, and grasslands. Charlie Brumbaugh Charlie Brumbaugh. These snakes are bred in captivity, but they have not been domesticated in any way. When confronted, this species is famous for being particularly defensive. If a ball python is in the wild, it can take up to 4 to 5 years for it to reach its full size. Bull snakes are also ground-dwelling, burrow-inhabiting snakes. [citation needed], In contrast to rattlesnakes, which usually keep their tails elevated to sound the most efficient rattle, bullsnakes tend to keep their tails in contact with the ground, where they can be vibrated against leaves, for example.

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